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At Sarah McDaniel Studio we absolutely love being Creative, and documenting Artistic Boudoir. We designed these Luxury Add Ons so everyone can have their own unique experience with us. Each studio Add On elevates your Boudoir Experience in a different way. During your Primary & Secondary Phone Consultation we will go over each Option with you! Due to time we do limit Two Add Ons per session. Each Add On Experience is an additional $150 non refundable fee, and must be paid before the Session Date. 


Snake Add On

This is our most popular Add On Option. During this experience, you will get to choose between our Studio Reptiles to be photographed with. Our team members are trained in how to pose, handle, and move these reptiles, so all you have to do is focus on breathing! This is such a fun option for people that are trying to do something different! The snakes look amazing in every studio! If you have a fear about snakes and have questions just ask! 99% of our clients have a fear walking in, and leave wanting to have their own snake! So its normal! 

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Neon Add On

Our Neon Add On is perfect for the Gothic Studio! The darkness off the studio really shines with the drama of colors! You can choose to do the neon with the shower set, or vice versa! We have portable lights we move around for all of the sets to bring the drama to you! Its one of our most popular add ons because of the diversity in each photo!

DSC05173 (1).jpg

Pool Add On

Our Lagoon/Pool Add On is a favorite for clients that are booking a Maternity Boudoir Session! Clients can choose between being covered in flowers, or bubbles! Each Session is unique and allows for your romantic side to come out! It is also a growing favorite for our mermaids and couples!


Angel & Fairy Wing Add On

This Add On is a very diverse selection for clients to choose from. We have wings that are large, and also smaller selections. If you are wanting to transform into a a mythological creature, this add on is paired with the Special Effects Add On! 

For the Wings, we have a Phoenix, Black Ash, Purple, Lite Fairy, Dark Fairy, Four Pixie Wings, and a Small White Pair of wings. We are constantly adding to our collection! So feel free to ask about it during your Phone Consultation!

DSC03680 (1).jpg

Special Effects Add On

The Special Effects Add On is one of our most luxury add on experiences. Clients typically use this add on for makeup that is more advanced. Wanting to focus on more Vampire like Boudoir? Or turn into a literal fairy? This is the add on for you! For Halloween Boudoir experiences we bring in a 7 foot tall coffin for photos, and the Wing Add On is included for all wing like creatures! Our newest creature is our mermaid/siren look! Each siren gets the pool add on, and one of our mermaid tails to be photographed in!

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