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Sarah McDaniel Studio offers maternity and boudoir photography services throughout the coastal Virginia area including:

Chesapeake | Gloucester | Hampton Roads | Norfolk | Portsmouth | Suffolk | Virginia Beach | Yorktown

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Sarah McDaniel Studio

Solo & Couples Boudoir Photography

offered by Hampton Roads, VA Boudoir  & Beyond

"Bringing to Light the Beauty in Everyone" 

So Can We Offer You?

We can offer you the opportunity to see yourself in your true form,  Strong.

At Sarah McDaniel Studio we invite every client to embrace their inner strength. We encourage you to step out of that comfort zone and realize how strong and powerful you are. We allow for each client to have their own Meet & Greet and Fitting Sessions to be able to meet the team. We go over their vision for how they want to see themselves, and walk them through the process. Doing a Boudoir Session is more than just taking photos, this could be your first step in loving yourself, and seeing our true strength. It's an experience that we know takes more than just several hours. So, we designed a process that allows for you to feel more than just comfortable, it allows you to feel Empowered.  


Each session is uniquely designed just for the client in mind, so each session will be different from the rest. 

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Why Choose Me?

Out of all the photographers, you choose me.

That is the hard question right? The thought of 'Do I Trust Her.' Boudoir Sessions are very intimidating for someone that has never seen themselves as beautiful. And trust me, I GET IT.  So why would you choose me? Because I have been in the same position you are in. I have hated myself so much that my reflection kept me in bed. I fight everyday with mental illness, and guess what? I WILL HELP YOU.



We provide each Client with the choose of different Boudoir Themes, Styles, and overall Moods. Each Session is designed just for the client.

What Is Included In The Experience?

Each Solo or Couples Boudoir Session is customization towards what the client or client(s) desire. At Sarah McDaniel Studio we pamper each client with Professional Hair & Makeup, a One on One Fitting Session with access to our VIP Clients Closet, 15 Unique Sets throughout of Studio, 3-4 Hour Photography Session, and a Meet & Greet to go over different themes and ideas to consider.  We pride ourselves in being able to showcase the elegance and dominant side in everyone. Photos & Products can be purchased separately at the Ordering Session.

Bold Or Classic?

At Sarah McDaniel Studio we allow for each client to explore their desires. We allow different styles of Lingerie & Themes to bring your ideas to life. We have Elegant & Simplistic styles of lingerie, BDSM straps and harnesses, Editorial pieces and gold chains, Shibari (Rope & Entry Level BDSM Experiences), and Phoenix and Ash Angel Wings. Each of these themes will allow for clients to choose what they like, and what they do not like. Allowing for their vision to become a reality. So, if you are not into harness and chains, we have other options for you! And yes, you can choose several themes for your Experience.

*Shibari & Angel Wings are Additional Add Ons*

Owning your Sexuality 

At Sarah McDaniel Studio we are an Empowerment Studio focusing in Mental Health. We encourage our Clients to adventure into their inner strength and sexuality, and allow that to be showcased through out their experience with us. We design each session to be different from the rest, so while you might see something that isn't for you, realize that we design everything with you in mind. 

Creating the Atmosphere

We allow for Creativity to flow throughout the experience. We design every Set, Theme, Hair & Makeup, Lingerie, and Mood for every Experience. We encourage clients that want to do a creative theme to bring their ideas to the Meet & Greet and we will make it happen. We love to experiment with Creative looks, Experimental Sets, and tons of other optons. 

Rebirth, Tell Your Story

Doing a Boudoir Experience is more than just taking photos. It is allowing yourself to see your true power. We realize that Strength does not come easily. So we design this experience allowing you to meet us before your Session. We want you to feel comfortable with yourself, and with us through out the whole experience. So, please realize that you are safe here.

Why You Deserve To Be Wall Material.

As a Boudoir Studio we want to showcase the beauty in everyone. We want to show you that you deserve to be in the showcased on the Wall. You deserve to wake up every morning and see yourself hung above your dresser. Allow us to showcase you in a way that will help you remember how Powerful you really are. We design our Albums & Products in a way that are customized just for you.

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