Boudoir Sessions With Snakes! // Hampton Roads Premier Boudoir Studio

At Sarah McDaniel Studio, one of our most infamous items is our snake babies. Otherwise referred to as noodles, these slithery little posers are the perfect touch for an erotic and sexy photograph. We offer four different snakes to choose from here at the studio.

We know that snakes can make some people nervous, so we have decided to write a post about our little babies so that you may feel more comfortable shooting a session with them!!

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Freya is the all-white snake that we offer for sessions. She is the perfect snake to use if you want a strong contrast between dark and sexy outfits and her white scales. She is probably one of our most loved snakes because of her personality.

Freya would be the young girl that you saw sitting in a coffee shop, reading a Jane Austen novel, while sipping on a chai tea. She has a very soft demeanor and aims to please all of the clients that chose her for photographs.

Freya's favorite part of each client's body is boobs for sure. She is essentially a scaly push-up bra for boobies, and she wouldn't have it any other way!!


hampton roads boudoir photography, professional boudoir pictures

Akasha is our OG snake here at the studio. She was the first snake that Sarah used to begin her snake photographs that everyone loves. Akasha is a dark snake that looks amazing in the Gothic Studio. She gives the dark and ominous looks that a lot of clients go for. She pairs very nicely with leather and chains.

Akasha could be found at a bar, sipping her Jameson and possibly getting into a bar fight or two. She has a stronger personality, but she loves all of our clients and poses beautifully!!

Akasha's favorite part of clients' bodies is definitely the butt crack. She loves to explore and always finds that the booty is a safe and warm place to cuddle up!!!


hampton roads boudoir photography, professional boudoir pictures

Loki is one of our little baby boys that are newer to our studio. He has a super cute white, black, and tan design that gives the appearance of eyes. This look creates the best over-the-eye snake photos that you often see. His calm demeanor also makes him the perfect candidate for these eye photos because he just hangs out.

Loki is the cute boy that wants to ask a girl out but never has the courage. After meeting someone, he wants to become your best friend, but he gets really nervous putting himself out there and being social. He likes long walks on the beach and sunset picnics.

Loki's favorite part of each client is over their eyes, or in a snuggly pocket in a sweatshirt or button-up tee.


hampton roads boudoir photography, professional boudoir pictures

Lestat is our second baby boy that is newer to our studio. He has a golden orange and black and brown design on him that pairs him well with darker and lighter outfits. He is a really great snake to use because he is so gentle and kind. He is probably the most dog-like snake that we have ever seen!

Lestat would be a runner for sure. He loves to keep moving and explore everywhere and everything. He is very playful and would totally vibe on the family game night!!

Lestat really doesn't have a favorite body part, just because he doesn't stay still long enough to find one!! If you are up for a fun adventure full of exploration, Lestat is for you.

All of the snakes!!!!
hampton roads boudoir photography, professional boudoir pictures

If you have decided after reading this that you are down to hang out with our snake babies, come on in and we can cover you in them. Our link to our booking website is below!!