Looking in the Mirror, & Seeing Self Love: Hampton Roads Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Sometimes that is the hardest thing to do. Look at yourself. Sometimes we just want to place the blanket over ourselves and walk around the house.

But hey, its normal. Lets talk about Self Love after Childbirth.

One of my Last Couples Boudoir Sessions for 2019 was the perfect example of this.

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So this Couples Boudoir started off like every other session, they Scheduled a Phone Consultation. During the Phone Consultation, we went over the benefits of Solo Boudoir & Couples Boudoir. She was still on the fence about Couples Boudoir because she wanted to focus on her journey. But yall, she brought him in.


During their Meet & Greet, we went around and did a tour of the studio, the warehouse, and the client's closet. She expressed her areas of concern because of her recent child being born. BUT YALL SHE WAS AMAZING. What did he Bring to Wear? Well, I always go over suggestions during the Meet & Greet. It allows both Clients to envision how they want to see their Session Happen. Some love Suits & Vests, some do not. So we want to make sure that their style is shown, and not the style that we call "Church Clothing"

What To Bring?

1) Something that is more "Formal" or "Dressed up." This can be a Suit and Tie, a Vest, a pair of black pants. Whatever matches their personality and style.

2) Something Casual. Torn Jeans, Shirt, or whatever they consider their everyday outfit.

3) Black Socks, leave the White Socks and Church Clothing at home.

4) Clean Underwear. NO HOLES YALL.

ANYWAYS, fast forward to her session, and her Hair & Makeup. Each client gets their own Hair & Makeup Artist to bring their vision to life. And get this, you get to decide on what you want. Our Hair & Makeup Artist Lindsey Jenkins reached out to her two weeks before her session to go over ideas and what the client wanted. And trust me, IT WAS AMAZING.

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So, the Day of the Session Came Around...

Her and her husband were prepared for everything.

ANYWAYS, When they arrived I had around 20 different styles of Lingerie for Her to look over. I always separate the styles based on how "vanilla" they appear to be. I use this term because I have Lingerie that is very floral and elegant, and also harnesses and chains. And guess what? They all look amazing. So while the Hair & Makeup Artist is getting set up, we look over the different styles and categories and choose around 7 for her to try on.

And then, she gets pampered like the QUEEN she is.

boudoir photography hampton roads va
boudoir photography hampton roads va

I mean, YALL. Look at her. The Client requested a purple/red smokey eye with a bold lip. And Lindsey did the whole thing perfectly.

boudoir photography hampton roads va

So then, the fun part happened. She tried on the Lingerie. We always allow clients to try on the Lingerie after they have had their Hair & Makeup done. Most people would ask why, and trust me. It helps. Coming into a Boudoir Experience being nervous is something a ton of clients deal with. So we make sure that each client gets 1-1.5 hours of just being pampered before they get naked. This allows them to relax, chat, look hella amazing, and of course..... take it all in.

So she did, she tried on the Lingerie and was A GODDESS FROM HEAVEN.

boudoir photography hampton roads va