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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Empowerment seems to be a word we throw around a lot, but what does it actually mean to you? We can all derive our own unique definition of what it means to feel empowered and one of our biggest goals during your experience and after your session is really understanding what that is specifically tailored to you! Is it a certain outfit that gives you powerhouse confidence? Is it curling your hair or doing your makeup in a way that maybe you’ve never tried before? It’s important to look at even the smallest ways of pampering yourself that allows you to feel like the best and most empowered version of yourself that makes you feel invincible against what can sometimes feel like a very unforgiving world.

So, what made you want to do a Session with Sarah McDaniel Studio?

A: I have always put myself down because of what I have and how I look. I have never felt comfortable in my own skin so I decided to do the photoshoot. I wanted to feel confident and step out of my comfort zone.

I think every person understands how it can feel to hold yourself to some impossible ideal or standard, from social media to magazine covers. It’s difficult not to use perceived definitions we’re fed from an early age of what is accepted as “beauty” and to be made to feel bad about ourselves if we don’t conform and fit into those specific molds. It takes true strength to remind yourself to be kind, to accept the days when maybe you’re not feeling your most confidence but to love and accept yourself for who you are. You deserve to feel like your best self and we hope your session helps you discover that power within yourself!

What was your favorite part of your Session?

A: My favorite part about the session was getting to see the pictures after they were taken. I saw myself in a completely different way. I felt empowered and sexy. I saw something I have never saw before.

Precisely! It takes self-confidence in order to step outside of our comfort zone to gain clarity from seeing ourselves with a new perspective. Seeing the images during your shoot instantly and how truly beautiful and amazing you are is the sexiest part of learning to love yourself exactly as you are.

What was one of your biggest fears?

A: When I first started I was most afraid of posing and exposing myself in front of other but as time went on I felt really comfortable.

It can certainly seem daunting and a little scary at first, stripping down in front of strangers when we’re our own worst enemies and critical judges even in the privacy of poorly lit fitting rooms. Have no fears! Our excellently skilled and qualified team of individuals get to know you on an individual and person level to alleviate any and all concerns or fears even from your initial meet & greet. We strive to provide a comfortable and calming environment, giving you the peace of mind and safety to explore your creative desires and personal growth goals.

What would you say to someone that is interested in booking a session with us?

A: I would definitely recommend Sarah McDaniel studio! They are super professional, friendly and funny. Everything was amazing from the makeup to the ropes and the photography. It was wonderful getting to met Raven, Sarah and Lindsey! I am 100 % going back and taking pictures with them again! It was an absolute wonderful experience!

This is what we love to hear! Return clients and the community we truly strive to build is what makes comfort exude from our studio and truly set us apart. We want you to have fun during your session and our team excels at helping you to feel your most comfortable in your own skin. Thank you so much for your high praise and glowing recommendation and we are so glad you had such an enlightening and positive experience!

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or are interested in booking your next session with us, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Don’t forget to join our mailing list for all important updates & exciting news from Sarah McDaniel Studio.

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