Mrs. A Highlighting The Need For Self-Care // Hampton Roads Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Self-care has become a broad term that many people use or potentially abuse liberally over social media or don’t quite give it the true importance it deserves as part of your daily mental health routine. There is a lot happening in our world today, a lot of fear and uncertainty financially which can add a lot of anxiety and stress to our everyday lives. It’s a crucial step in looking after your own mental state to gauge the fullness of your cup before you’re able to best help others do the same. Sometimes the need to unplug, recharge, and focus on yourself takes precedence of other demands in our lives, and guess what? That’s perfectly okay.

As a writer, I personally try to find at least ten to fifteen minutes a day to journal and sort through racing thoughts or heightened emotions I may be experiencing but I always try to balance it with ending positively and finding at least five reasons to be grateful. How we train our brain to process and refocus can have a major impact on our mental well-being. To find that perfect Lo-Fi playlist on your favorite streaming music service, turn your phone off for a few hours to disconnect and find that reconnection with yourself. The only person you have to spend your entire life with is you!

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So, what made you want to do a Session with Sarah McDaniel Studio?

A: t's been years since I've done something to make me feel good about myself, and being 8 months pregnant doesn't make most women feel super sexy, so I thought this would be a good chance to boost my confidence.

In all things, the first step is the hardest. You deserve to make yourself feel good consistently and often but it can feel crazy and hectic with raging hormones and so much going on to prepare for the arrival of your beautiful baby! Nerves, fear, and excitement come in waves and the added stress can sometimes leave you feeling less than your best but boosting your confidence is always what feeling your most sexy is all about.

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What was one of your biggest fears?

A: Seeing all my imperfections under big, bright lights and possibly feeling worse about myself.

Shedding light on our imperfections brings them out of the darkness of fear and puts them within our control. The ability to accept all things about ourselves, both positive and negative is the sign of true growth and strength and truly something to be proud of. Those are the moments we should remember to be kindest to ourselves, to take a step back and appreciate our bodies for all that they do for us instead of solely focusing on the things we don't like. Let us help you highlight the things you might not love as much to gain a new perspective and help you love yourself even more!

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What was your favorite part of your Session?

A: Honestly, the entire process was amazing and I felt like a Rockstar the entire day, even after getting home afterward. My makeup was PERFECTION and having Lindsey and Raven there giving ideas, genuine compliments, and just cheering me on was a huge confidence boost! Time to brag: Lindsey is our Hair & Makeup Artist on our team and she is incredibly talented! She works hard to bring together looks from your desires for certain shades or palettes while bringing together the whole effect you want to have for your shoot. Raven is our Rigger & Resident Kink Ambassador to answer all of your Shibari questions or concerns and anything else related to the kink community! Safety is always paramount for every shoot and our entire team strives to not only consistently providing you with a safe and comfortable environment for your shoot but give great input, hype, and a sense of community. Rock on hot mama!

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What would you say to someone that is interested in booking a session with us?

A: You'd be insane not to do it! Between all the options financially, getting spoiled with the hair and makeup, wardrobe, everyone takes their time with you. I felt so relaxed, not pressured into anything I wasn't sure of. There is no doubt in my mind I will be doing this again postpartum!

We are so glad! We offer a variety of packages and individual basis financial options to meet your needs. We take pride in all of the work and effort into the Meet & Greets, Fittings, and all the conversations and collaborations that are a part of the behind-the-scenes work to make your shoot everything you hoped for and more. Relaxation and the freedom to feel like yourself allows for you to enjoy your entire experience from start to finish, feel more adventurous than you may have thought possible before, and to explore more creative avenues. We always want you to leave your shoot feeling your most uplifted and most comfortable and sexy just for being you. We cannot wait for you to book your next session!

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Current events and the state of the world right now may be daunting but it’s vital now more than ever for people to come together and experience the sense of community to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation that are unfortunate side effects of self-quarantine and social distancing. We’re all human and crave not only the companionship of others but physical closeness as well as touch and it can be a difficult transition for all of us to enforce necessary rules and restrictions for the safety and well-being of ourselves as well as those around us. Staying connected is important now more than ever so we strongly encourage our clients and potential new clients to reach out if they have any questions or concerns! Please send us an email regarding any safety or health concerns and we assure you our studio is taking every precaution and preparedness measures for each and every client experience. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for the most up-to-date information as well as participating in daily conversations and activities with all of our other Beautiful Beings!

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