Mrs. B's Boudoir Session // Hampton Roads Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

We are all about facing our fears here at Sarah McDaniel Studio. But when you step into our studio, there is nothing to fear. We've created a process to bring to light your beauty.

This week we're going to read about how Mrs. B faced her fears...

Why did you want to do a Session with Sarah McDaniel Studio?

" I wanted to book a session for two reasons: 1. It’s on my bucket list (yes I have one) 2. I wanted to see myself in a new light, fall in love with this body I have now not hate it anymore, I wanted to love myself again."

What was one of your biggest fears?

"My biggest fear was not liking any of the pictures or feeling “fat” in them."

What was your favorite part of your Session?

" My favorite part of the session was the whole damn thing. I loved seeing trying on the lingerie and see what looks great on my body. I never had professional hair and makeup before and it turned so much more beautiful than I could of imagined.

I loved the being walked through how to pose and reminded to take deep breaths. I loved the encouragement when I would find the one flaw and Sarah would point out many amazing features other then that. I loved when I asked my hype girl if she enjoyed herself she said she felt very complete and had a wonderful talk with Chelsea and she didn’t feel left out.

I loved seeing my picture on the screen and actually having a hard time picking just twenty. I had a down love that I was able to emotionally released and share my truth and not feel judge at all and every time I think about that it brings tears to my eyes how comfortable I felt around Sarah and Chelsea.."

What would you say to someone that is interested in booking a session with us?

"If you are thinking about doing it just do it. Face that fear even tho there is nothing to fear. I realize even tho my makeup was beautiful and I loved it, I truly missed my natural skin by the end of the day. I truly found my beauty and started to appreciate my body more after this experience. I have my moments of dislike with my body but I look back at my photos and it’s such an amazing reminder. I am so proud I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and that many women out there wouldn’t have the nerve, face the fear, leave there comfort zone to do something like this so I feel like I did something only one in a million women would do. 

Thank you Sarah & Chelsea. Thank you from the bottom of my heart "

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