Mrs. B's Maternity Boudoir // Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Maternity Photos are one of a kind of experience. It's something that deserves to be showcased. Doing a Maternity Session with us is something that you will never forget. We focus 100% on you.

This week we are focusing on Mrs. B's experience with embracing her strength and beauty through her maternity session.

Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer

So, what made you want to do a Session with Sarah McDaniel Studio?

A: For a couple of different reasons. I wanted to showcase my pregnancy in a way I never did before and hadn’t seen done often. Also, I wanted to be a part of something to boost my own confidence and self-love and encourage others to do the same!

Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer

What was one of your biggest fears?

A: This is a tough one. I think one of my biggest fears was honestly just how I would look. I had spent so much time on fitness prior to pregnancy that I just didn’t feel sexy or beautiful anymore.

 Top Rated Boudoir Photography

What was your favorite part of your Session?

A: My favorite part would be just getting the chance to see myself in a different light. Seeing with each photo that Sarah showed me of myself how my confidence grew and I got more comfortable and I could almost see the exact moment where I truly became comfortable in my own skin and felt sexy!

 Top Rated Boudoir Photography

 Top Rated Boudoir Photography

What would you say to someone that is interested in booking a session with us?

A: Do it. 1000000% do it. You don’t like your butt, your stomach, your boobs, whatever?! You will. Because each person and body is different and beautiful no matter what and Sarah makes you feel the truth of that!

 Top Rated Boudoir Photography

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