Mrs E's Life Changing Experience// Virginia Beach Maternity Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Maternity Boudoir, in my opinion, is a huge must when you are pregnant.

This is the time to feel empowered. The time to feel sexy. And the perfect time to be pampered. Our Maternity Sessions literally are customization towards what you want. Each Session includes the Milk Bath Set, and also we provide the Milk Bath Flowers. So yeah, be pampered. We got you. <3

Mrs. E's Maternity Session was surrounded by such grace and beauty. She wanted something empowering but also intimate. I love when clients come in with a vibe that we normally do not do. Something more gentle than our harness and chain type of look.

So, enjoy it. Her Session was out of a storybook.

1) Why did you want to do a Session with Sarah McDaniel Studio?

I needed to do something that represented the new me and what I was experiencing! I wanted to do something that would: 1) Represent me as a woman (not a young lady, not someone's baby sister, or a youngin) but a woman growing into her own and that this woman is sexy. 2) Capture the beauty of my journey of becoming a mother and to show the beauty of it for the days I can only see my imperfections. 3) Show the bond with my partner, who during this process also struggled with his image, and what we created together with the love we have for each other. Everything we planned to do during my pregnancy (first maternity photos, my baby shower, moving into my apartment) was snatched away due to the virus and my first trimester, I was already in a dark place because so much was happening in my life. When I saw the photos a friend of mine did with Sarah I fell in love with them honestly. I was determined to book a session no matter what, not even Corona could stop me.

2) What was one of your biggest fears?

- My biggest fear was not looking the way I envision beauty in my head or just looking silly because with all my flaws, plus the extra pregnancy adds, how could this be something appealing or amazing? I felt very vulnerable also because this was a level up for me and my partner. I never did something like this so to do it together, I felt a little exposed. Like what if I look silly to him versus sexy? He sees my flaws and accepts them, but what if this shows him ALL my flaws? Is this new body still attractive?


3) What was your favorite part of your Session?

My favorite part of the session? I honestly can't choose just one. Even thinking about it now makes me cry because it was such an awesome experience for me. Sarah definitely helped me capture everything I wanted and I had so much fun. I found my confidence again, I was freakin Hot!! When I saw the pictures of my round belly, I was proud of what my body was doing. When I would look over at my partner and see him grinning or catch him staring, I would get those butterflies. My makeup was done beautifully thanks to Lindsey. I had so much fun, to choose one favorite moment wouldn't be right lol. 

4) What would you say to someone that is interested in booking a session with us?

- Definitely do it! DO IT! You will be in great hands. The worry of feeling awkward will go away quickly because you will be cracking jokes or getting compliments to the point of wondering why you were even worried. Trust the process! I had no clue how to pose, etc. but Sarah did and she didn't make you feel stupid or ugly for not knowing. I believe I needed this session because with everything going on, I was able to be at peace. I found my sexy, I got back my confidence, and felt so much love. Sarah is amazing and so is her team. I honestly don't think I would've felt the same with any other photographer or studio. She listened to my little needed therapy session and helped me capture exactly what I wanted. I have no regrets and would definitely do it again, no question.


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