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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

What does it mean to feel “sexy”? How is desirability defined through our sense of self as opposed to the preconceived notions and standards of what is attractive and as an objectification for someone else’s consumption? Confidence isn’t predetermined, it’s an organic and growing part of us that like all areas needs to be nurtured and cultivated. The confidence to be yourself, without excuse or apology or fear of judgment by others is the ultimate enlightenment. You can’t work on your relationships with others until you acknowledge the status of the relationship with yourself. Consider taken check marked on your permanent Facebook profile with yourself.

Always remembering to be kind to yourself and treating yourself to opportunities to grow in self-love and confidence in your appearance if it may not be something you currently love about yourself is very important. The person you are on the inside should always come first and foremost but you should love the person on the outside just as much.

So,what made you want to do a Session with Sarah McDaniel Studio?

A: I wanted to do a session because I have always felt self-conscious about myself and wanted to feel empowered about my body. When looking up places to have a boudoir shoot I came across Sarah and the amazing photos she has taken. I wanted to feel the way the women described on her site.

We sincerely hope your experience helped in your journey to feeling less self-conscious about yourself, more body positive and more confident in the beautiful being you are. We hope you feel like one of those women described on the website because you ARE. We hope that by sharing your experience with others that more women can feel just as empowered and included. You are beautiful, you are sexy and it's the energy from within that radiates to the rest of the outside world and we're lucky enough to capture a few of those moments on film.

What was one of your biggest fears?

A: My biggest fear was that I was going to feel awkward trying to pose sexy but Sarah and raven make you feel so comfortable.

Want to know the secret to sexy poses? How you feel. Sometimes being asked to pose in what can seem like unnatural positions for our limbs and muscles can seem a bit silly but seeing your images right away will help alleviate any of those fears. Being able to see your sensuality reflected throughout the shoot helps bolster your confidence and also puts you more at ease to be more relaxed and even adventurous for future shots. Comfortability is always our primary goal, physically, mentally and emotionally in the space we create for your shoot.

What was your favorite part of your Session?

A: So I have two favorites. One was my hair and makeup. Lindsey made me look gorgeous which helped me feel empowered. My other favorite was seeing my images after she took them because it makes you feel sexy and you realize that you are actually sexy and not awkward.

Our Hair & Makeup Artist Lindsey Jenkins is a visionary with a soul just as pure. Her professionalism, talent and eye for detail to achieve every client’s desired look for their shoot cannot be applauded enough. Through your initial consultations, Lindsey will help you establish certain looks or palettes early on so the day of your shoot you can feel that empowerment that comes from professional pampering to show you your true beauty. It’s already there! That instant feedback of seeing your images is vital, knowing how you look on camera can help put any of your fears and worries at ease and that’s always one of the biggest surprised and takeaways from our sessions. We’re so glad you enjoyed that too.

What would you say to someone that is interested in booking a session with us?

A: Do it!!! You will feel amazing and empowered. As women we tend to only see flaws but this experience helped me see that I am amazing.

Another sports shoe brand we’re not at liberty to mention may have said it best but thank you Mrs. S for putting it so plain and simple. We love some good exclamation points and if you don’t trust our word for it, trust three! We hope each and every client feels as amazing and empowered as you did. It is far too easy to get hung up on the flaws we perceive in ourselves but let shooting with Sarah McDaniel Studio be your first step on your journey to empowerment. Please let us know if you have any questions and join our mailing list for all Sarah McDaniel Studio information & updates. If you’re interested in booking a session with us, don’t hesitate!

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