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Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Mrs. T's journey is one that we think you'll love to read about. She came to our studio ready to feel beautiful and love herself and her body. She overcame the voice in her head and came out of her boudoir session feeling empowered.

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1) Why did you want to do a Session with Sarah McDaniel Studio?

"I am my own worst critic. I criticize everything about myself, especially my body. So, one day I stumbled upon some photos that Sarah took and I followed her IG. I saw all of these beautiful women looking so confident and strong. They were all different sizes and colors and were absolutely beautiful! It was in that moment that I decided that I wanted to see myself as beautiful and strong, too."

Here at the Sarah McDaniel Studio, we bring everyone's beauty to light. We believe that you deserve to see yourself the way other people see you... beautiful! You are beautiful and strong no matter what!

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2) What was one of your biggest fears? How did we help you with your fears?

"My biggest fear was that I wasn’t going to look good enough. Even as I write this, I’m wondering: “good enough for whom?”

But I didn’t think that I would like what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I wrong!

Chelsea did an amazing job and both she and Sarah were so friendly and encouraging from the time I stepped out of my car until I left. I’m in awe of what I looked like and how badass I felt!"

Chelsea is our in-studio hair and make-up artist. She works with you to get the perfect look for your session. Every session includes hair and makeup to complete your look! We start pampering you from the moment you walk in the door. And when you're here, we are your hype team! We want you to feel amazing and badass because you deserve to feel that way because you are!

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3) What studio did you choose, and why?

"I chose the Gothic studio because I wanted to be outside of my comfort zone! I wanted to try something new and exciting! I’m so glad that I did because I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life! The mirrors, candles, sexy swing... oh yes, Hunty!"

We LOVE the Gothic Studio and it's been really popular. We keep adding sets to all our studios to keep the studios fresh and for our clients to have fun with! We also have a greenhouse and the bohemian studio that you can choose from to get the vibe you're going for!

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4) What was your favorite part of your session?

"My favorite part was taking pictures in the mirror. I absolutely love mirrors! And I loved them even more, as Sarah complimented me on my ass and I realized that it looked hella sexy in that mirror!"

Our Gothic Studio mirror is famous! We love getting some amazing shots in front of it and all our REAL candles in the studio! We compliment you because we want you to see yourself how we see you! Your boudoir session might be the first (or next) step on your journey to self-love. And you are worth feeling and knowing how amazing you are!

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5) What would you say to someone that was interested in doing a session with us?

"Take the plunge! I have never felt so amazing in my life! I walked out of there with my head held high and confidence boosted like never before! Just. Say. Yes."

We are so honored to hear you say that! We look forward to seeing you in our full-service studio and hyping you up like you've ever been hyped before! We have created a unique process that takes more than just an hour, but it's an important step on your self love journey!


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