Mrs. T's Journey Into Self Love Through Boudoir // Hampton Roads Boudoir Photographer

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Alright, guys, you might need to sit down for this story. It is FULL of straight power and emotion.

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Mrs. T came in for her Session needing a boost of Self Esteem for her upcoming new chapter in her life. She is a survivor of Sexual Assault and needed a reminder that she is more than what the mirror tells her.

Her story is one of the most powerful stories we have had in the studio.

virginia beach boudoir photography

1) Why did you want to do a Session with Sarah McDaniel Studio?

"I found Sarah McDaniel Studio on Instagram by chance and had been following for at least a year. I was having a hard time loving myself, my body, and had no confidence in myself whatsoever. I was sexually assaulted 2 years ago and found myself questioning every word I said, every action I did, and even questioned my body.

Honestly, I was over that feeling and it was damn time to move forward. I didn't know how, but here I am scrolling Instagram again at Midnight because I can't sleep and it pops up again!

It was time for me to close out that chapter and I felt like doing a Photoshoot of this nature would help me see myself in a different light. I felt like it would help me look at my body differently and help me love myself for once"

virginia beach boudoir photography

2) What was one of your biggest fears?

"I was super excited about doing this, but also nervous because "Hey, here's the girl that hates her body". I was worried about all my blemishes and worried about being awkward.

I almost canceled the week of, but so glad I didn't."

virginia beach boudoir photography

3) What was your favorite part of your Session?

"The entire session was absolutely amazing, but my favorite part would have to be after the first few clicks of the camera and getting over my awkwardness. Sarah is the best hype woman! She would show me the shots right afterward and that was a confidence booster in real-time.

I hadn't looked at myself like that in years. I was screaming inside. I was so freaking happy."

virginia beach boudoir photography

4) What would you say to someone that is interested in booking a session with us?

"If you are thinking about doing a session for whatever reason, don't second guess it. It's a day centered just around you! How many times can we say that happens. It's a day of self-care, self-reflection, and overall sexiness. Beyond getting the products, you get to leave with an exhilarating experience! I'm super excited about my shots, but I can honestly say the way I felt after leaving that day beats my sexy pics any day!"

virginia beach boudoir photography

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