Mrs T's Powerful Story about Overcoming Trauma // Norfolk Boudoir Photography

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Doing a Boudoir Session is so much more than just having your photos taken, it is an emotional journey of Inner Strength and Power.

No one wakes up in the middle of the night like "Wow I am not even nervous to get naked in front of a camera." Like no, everyone gets nervous. And that is why we are here to guide you through everything.

So, everyone Meet Tara, an Encouraging Woman with an empowering story. I usually ask Clients questions when they want to be featured in a blog, but her story was just perfection. So, we are just publishing her amazing story, because she deserves this.


Boudoir Photography Studio | Norfolk, VA

Tara's Story:

"Today I stand with strength from personal barriers. Fear of showcasing beauty within because of judgment...Fear of continuing to hide my body because of insecurities. Fear of not being honest with my truth...."

Boudoir Photography Studio | Norfolk, VA

"Fear of not admitting I once weighed 311lbs.....Fear of admitting depression once was relatively high at one point.....Fear of admitting I stand today with “28 Months of Sobriety from alcoholism”...Fear of admitting I am someone who deals with generalized anxiety. "

norfolk boudoir photography

"....I stand today through all my trials and tribulations with the ability to educate and speak my truth! Choosing Sarah McDaniel Studio was an absolutely delightful amazing choice because of professionalism, women empowerment, elegance, and environment of the studio, and most of all her beautiful amazing down to earth bomb MUA Chelsea..."

norfolk boudoir photography

"....What was most joyful was being taught how to accentuate every curve, angle, and features of my body while capturing every fierce moment. Hello, my name is Tara, but everyone calls me Red for short. I am a recovered alcoholic, fierce, educated woman who has been through hell and back. A beautiful woman who stands with dignity and powerful class as I left it while standing in the vintage elevator!!!"

Boudoir Photography Studio | Norfolk, VA

norfolk boudoir photography

Be fierce!

Be you!

Be truthful!

And, absolutely book a session!


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