So, you want to do a Maternity Session?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

chesapeake va maternity photography

Maternity Sessions with Sarah McDaniel Studio.

Considering Booking a Maternity Session and wanting something different? Maternity Photos are one of a kind of experience. Its something that deserves to be showcased.

Milk Bath, Boudoir, and Everything Else.

Doing a Maternity Session with us is something that you will never forget. We focus 100% on you. Everything is designed for you. From the Hair & Makeup, Lingerie, Milk Bath Flowers, Lingerie, Poses, and over all theme. Everything is for you.

And it should be.

chesapeake va maternity photography

chesapeake va maternity photography

After the client decides to book their Maternity Session during their Phone Consultation, we decide on a date for their Photography Session and their Meet & Greet.

1) What is a Meet & Greet? And why is it important?

A Meet & Greet is something we love providing for our clients. The Meet & Greet is the perfect time for the Clients to meet with us, and go over everything. The fears, the vision, the lingerie, the hair and makeup. Everything. We want to meet you, get to know you, and design everything for you.

Because, this is your time to shine.

We designate 30 minute Meet & Greet so you can meet myself (Sarah McDaniel), Lindsey Jenkins (Hair and Makeup) and Raven (Fitting Session Adviser). We all sit down after the studio tour and go over everything in our Office. We show you our welcome guide, portfolio, products, and even the financing options. Why do we do this? Because we desire to create an intimate and unique experience for everyone.

chesapeake va maternity photography

2) The Fitting Session, and why we do this.

The Fitting Session is scheduled at the Meet & Greet. We normally schedule the Fitting Session around 1-2 weeks before your Photography Session. We service our clients with diverse and unique Clients Closet to choose from. Each client can try on different colors and styles of lingerie through out this session. And yes, you can do Fully Nude Photos!

We do Fitting Sessions because we want you to feel beautiful. We want you to walk into your Photography Session knowing how empowered you look in lingerie. Being Pregnant can be intimidating when it comes to trying on clothing, so we go ahead and design everything for you.

And I promise you, you will look pregnant, and you will look beautiful.

chesapeake va maternity photography

chesapeake va maternity photography

3) The Flowers, and Why we provide them.

Each Maternity Session includes the option of the Milk Bath Set, and yes.... We design everything for you. Each client gets to decide on their Flowers for the Milk Baths. We sit down during either the Meet & Greet or Fitting Session and look over different ideas for the Flowers.

We take into consideration Your Hair & Makeup, Your Lingerie, Your Vision, and Your overall "mood." When we use the word "Mood" we are focusing on your level of empowerment and sexuality that you want. And yes, the flowers take this into consideration.

chesapeake va maternity photography

Flowers are more than just pedals in the water, they are a statement.

chesapeake va maternity photography

4) Couples Maternity, do you do that?

YES! We love showcasing the journey of Parenthood! Bring your Partner into the Studio! Your Partner can come to the Meet & Greet, and have their Fitting Session with you! We can take photos of your partner, you, and both of yall together!

We only suggest that the Partner brings their own outfits if your partner identifies as male. We have a Clients Closet full of Lingerie for Partners that identify as female as well! And we can add on an additional Hair & Makeup artist for partners as well! Just ask!

chesapeake va maternity photography

chesapeake va maternity photography

5) I am nervous...I have never had a photo shoot down before. Is this normal?

YES! It is completely normal to feel nervous. It is completely normal to have a million questions. This is why we offer clients the Meet & Greets and the Fitting Sessions, so they can relax before their Photography Sessions. 99% of our clients have never had this type of Session. Every one of these clients on this blog were in your shoes. They have been through different chapters in their lives that have deemed them to be "worried" about how they will look. But I promise you, we will make sure you feel and look amazing through out your whole experience.

Interested in having your Maternity Session documented? Let's Chat.

chesapeake va maternity photography

chesapeake va maternity photography

chesapeake va maternity photography

Interested in creating a special Maternity Session just for you?

Schedule a Phone Consultation!


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