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Documenting your story, and celebrating your journey.

What is Rebirth?

Rebirth is a Ongoing Series that Sarah McDaniel Studio is introducing to the community. Rebirth invites everyone, regardless of their past, gender, ethnicity, or body type.. We want to document your story. 

Rebirth will focus on the physical and psychological scars, blemishes, and invisible trauma that we carry with us everyday. During this process we will document your story and showcase the strength we have within us to carry on.

At Sarah McDaniel Studio we invite anyone with Scars, Self Harm Marks, Stretch Marks, Blemishes, Trauma, and invisible marks to allow their story to be heard.

Allow yourself to be Reborn by opening up about your past.

Bringing to Light the Beauty in Everyone

All proceeds will be donated to the YWCA of South Hampton.


"PSA this is going to be lengthy:

Going in to this shoot I was really hesitant... I've been body conscious for years and go through extreme ups and downs of both liking and caring for my body. For the longest time I was in a low spot, again, and was hesitant about doing something like this for myself and also as a surprise for my partner as well. Sarah McDaniel is an amazing photographer who makes you feel great about yourself the entire time. Throughout the session Sarah would show me a photo here and there and I was set at ease because I know I'm an awkward person so I was worried about how the photos would turn out. 😅

Sarah does her best to make her clients feel 100% comfortable and at ease during the shoots. Sarah showed me that I could really take power in my body and have some confidence again... with a lot of laughs along the way 😄 I can honestly say I haven't loved myself this way ever, nor have I liked my body this much in a really long time. I can look in a mirror again and just really feel happy with myself, boudoir or not, it just gave me an air of change and I've been on a high of loving myself since.

From the hair and makeup by Danielle, I never thought I could love my self reflection so much... Danielle had me aweh struck because I never thought I could look the way she got me to look, it was amazing. Sarah also has a studio space with over at least 9 different settings via couch, bed, bathtub, ect to shoot on or with... each one with it's own kind of sensual appeal... so when it comes to variety of photos, there is nothing short of variety. The client's closet is phenomenal as well, there are so many options to choose from! I would highly recommend her to my friends and anyone interested in making future bookings."

Ms S.


General FAQ's

Where? The Rebirth Series will be located at our  Studio in the Art District of Norfolk Virginia! We will supply food and beverages for everyone that signs up!

When Will The Series Take Place? The Rebirth Series will be on February 15th and 22nd between the hours of 10am-4pm. You are welcomed regardless if you can stay the whole time, or some of the time.

What is included? Everyone that signs up and donates the $50 to the cause will receive 5 digital images from their experience. We will also be offering gold paint and gold leaf for those that would like to showcase their story in an artistic way

What do I have to wear? You can wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. This Series is all about documenting your story. If you want to wear sweatpants, go nude, wear lingerie, sports bras, or a gown. DO IT. We will support you regardless of what you decide to wear.

Where will the proceeds be donated? We are donating the proceeds to the YWCA of South Hampton. They are a Woman's Center that focused on Domestic and Sexual Healing and Counseling for Woman in need.

Do I have to identify as Female? No! You can identify as whatever you want! We invite everyone over the age of 18 to participate in this event.

What if I want to donate more? Or just donate? If you would like to donate more than the $50 just contact us and we will get everything ready for you!

Rebirth is a Ongoing Series that Sarah McDaniel Studio is introducing to the community. Rebirth invites everyone, regardless of their past, gender, ethnicity, or body typ...
Rebirth Series
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