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Milk bath maternity photographer Richmond VA
Boudoir photographer Richmond Virginia
Boudoir photographer Richmond VA
maternity boudoir photography richmond virginia
Boudoir photographer Richmond virginia
Boudoir photographer Richmond VA
Boudoir photographer Richmond VA
Boudoir photographer Richmond VA
Boudoir photography Richmond VA
Boudoir photography Richmond Virginia
Boudoir photography Richmond, VA
Couples Boudoir photographer Richmond, VA
Couples Boudoir photographer Richmond, VA
Maternity Boudoir photographer Richmond, VA
Boudoir photographer Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA Boudoir & Maternity Photographer

Sarah McDaniel is a Chesapeake, VA boudoir & maternity photographer. She is a recent graduate of Old Dominion University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts. At Old Dominion University she studied Metalsmithing, Psychology, and the overall Human Nature. She plans on continuing her education at Eastern Virginia Medical School to study the human mind and how to heal it with Art Therapy. Her end goal in life is become a Therapist specializing in Family Care and the victims of Sexual Assault. She focuses her art on the process of healing, allowing the viewer to have their own healing process through her artwork. Her studio is located in Norfolk Virginia, and she specializes in maternity photography and boudoir photography sessions in Richmond and surrounding areas.

Boudoir Photography

Click here to learn more about boudoir photography available at Sarah McDaniel Studio.

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Maternity Photography

Click here to learn more about maternity photography available at Sarah McDaniel Studio.

professional maternity photographer richmond virginia

Have Questions? We have the Answers! Here are the Top Three Questions Clients Ask:

Is Hair & makeup included?


Each Experience with Sarah McDaniel Studio provides the client with their own Hair & Makeup Artist! The Hair & Makeup Artist will contact the client 1-2 weeks before their Session. We pride ourselves in taking the time to make sure that each client's vision of their Hair & Makeup is achieved to perfection! The Hair & Makeup will be done at our Luxurious Studio in Norfolk, Virginia the day of the session!

What If I am Not a size two?

One, Fuck What They Think.

At Sarah McDaniel Studio we do not judge based on how society views women. We welcome men and women of all shapes, colors, and sizes into our studio. We also have a VIP Clients Closet full of 150 different sets of lingerie ranging in sizes XXS-7XL. Documenting your self-love journey is something we take very, very seriously. During the Meet & Greet, we go over all of the lingerie together. We also go over any concerns, questions, and show you around the studio. You are also more than welcome to purchase your own lingerie and we have websites provided if you need assistance!

What if I am Awkward, Will you help me pose?


Trust me when I tell you that we will do everything for you. I help you pose from your feet all the way to your face and I do this for numerous reasons. One, because you look amazing! Two, because it takes the stress away from you. Finally, because I want you to look and feel amazing. I will show you the inspiration for the poses, pose you based on how comfortable you are, and then show you the immediate photos. Right? I am the type of photographer that I want you to see how Bad-Ass you look behind the lens. And get this, it won't be photo-shopped! So you get to see how you ACTUALLY LOOK, which is INCREDIBLE.

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