"Y’all, let me tell you, Sarah literally changed my life.

I was always the chubby kid growing up, and for as long as I can remember, I have ALWAYS been self conscious about my body. I was EXTREMELY anxious making this appointment, but I really wanted to do something special for Christmas for my boyfriend. The only reason I finally booked an appointment with Sarah is because my cousin had done a shoot with her before and just absolutely raved about her. Let me tell y’all, I have NEVER in my life EVER felt more beautiful, confident, sexy, and powerful. It was so so liberating, words cannot even describe. Again, since I’ve always been self conscious, I’m a very awkward person and was super nervous that I was going to look like a robot in the pictures. Sarah walked me through each and every pose, and after every few pictures she would show me the photos giving me a chance to correct things I wasn’t happy with.

Her studio was absolutely GORGEOUS, and since I went at Christmas time she had the cutest little lit up Christmas trees all lined up on both sides of the bed. Her lingerie collection was absolutely amazing and she had the coolest pieces in every size imaginable. Hair and makeup by Lindsey turned out better than I could have ever expected. She emailed me weeks before my appointment asking what I was hoping for and, boy, did she go above and beyond for me. It was stunning. Sarah was the friendliest, most down to earth person I have ever met and I have never been more comfortable getting half naked in front of a total stranger lol. The best part of my whole experience was that she GASSED ME UP the WHOLE time. She made me feel like the baddest girl in all of the 757. During every pose it was “YAAAAAS GIRL YOU ARE SLAYING” “I AM LIVING FOR THOSE BOOBS” “YOU ARE AN ANGEL GODDESS” lol. She really made the whole experience for me and I am so so so glad I booked that appointment. Trust me when I say you will NOT regret it.