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As an artist, Sarah McDaniel draws her inspiration from her life experiences. She uses different forms of art to raise awareness towards mental illness. When Sarah McDaniel looks at artwork, she looks at the journey of making the artwork. It starts out as a clouded idea and then she starts to consider where this idea is coming from. Is it coming from her past experiences, traumas, relationships, or even her subconscious responding to her current experiences? This step is what the artwork is about and shows the story she is trying to tell.

 2017 Sandler Center for Performing Arts Student Show.
 2017 Gordon Galleries Student Juried Show
2017 Bryn Mawr Juried Show
2018 Unique Viewpoint Juried Show
2018 Abstract View Juried Show
2018 National Detour Show

The Nervous System is a sculptural jewelry piece that reflects on her personal journey dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The process of the piece started when researching into the DNA molecules and drawing them out. From there they were transferred onto copper and then pierced out. Each molecule was hand pierced. The patina on the piece was a fire technique. She relates the fire technique to a phoenix being reborn from her past life.

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